Marine Design

Beautiful boats, affordably designed to be affordably built

Marine Design

Complete marine design services for modern and classic pleasure craft in composites and wood.

Design of elegant and period-correct internal and external hardware.

Computer lofting and fairing of vintage designs for restoration, preservation and reproduction.

CNC kitting of self-aligning jigs, structural members and patterns.

Refit, repower and new arrangement design for existing vessels.

Marine drive-line design, steering components, exhaust systems, engine mounts and rigging layout.

Sourcing for trusted suppliers and product manufacturers.

Berryer Design Marine Yacht Boat Designer


A 39′-6″ x 8′-1″ Beam Torpedo Stern twin screw launch with seating for 8. Another one of my favorites. She’s just waiting to be built.

44′ Ketch

This 44′ Cruising Ketch is a work in progress. Started in 2000 and put on hold, I’ve wanted to update this design and will chip away at her for my own enjoyment. The arrangement plan & interior profile to the 44 Ketch. Designed to be comfortable as a weekend cruiser for a couple.


This little boat started life as a very simple plywood fishing skiff designed by Howard Chapelle. Admiring Howard’s design, I grew the boat to handle a 25 h.p. outboard and provide a cuddy for storage and an msd. Patterns and plans to build this boat can be made available.

Pontoon Lift

24′ adjustable pontoon lift developed for shallow water and soft lake bottom. Main rail clamps plug into the ends of the main rails clearing the pivot bolt for the upright arms. Design of marine lifts for all types of craft.